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Getting Started with piGeon

Before Starting

Please have Processing version 1.5.0 or later installed and ready. For the installation of Processing, please see Processing's web site.

Installation for Processing

1.     To install iGeo library and piGeon interface, put the downloaded igeo.zip file inside the "libraries" folder under the location of Processing's sketchbook, and unzip the file there.
Default locations of "libraries" folder under Processing's sketchbook are like below.

Default location in Windows

My Documents\Processing\libraries\

Default location in Mac


When it's unzipped, sub folders of "igeo/library/" is created automatically and the JAR file should be located like below.


2.     Restart Processing.

3.     It's successful if you can see "iGeo" at the menu "Sketch" > "Import Library..."

For more information about the installation of a library please see "How to Install a Contributed Library" at processing.org.

Importing Library

1.     Import iGeo library by the menu "Sketch" > "Import Library..." > "iGeo".

2.     Import also OpenGL library by the menu "Sketch" > "Import Library..." > "OpenGL". iGeo needs to use OpenGL.

Or, simply you can type these two lines in the beginning of the code.

import processing.opengl.*;
import igeo.*;

3.     Now you are ready to code. Have fun coding with iGeo.

For examples and tutorials, please see tutorials page.