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Classes in Object-Oriented Programming

Class Definition

Class Instance

Instance Field

Class Constructor

Instance Method

Method with A Return Value

Static Field

Static Method

Use of Class in Other Algorithms

Comparison of Code with/without Class

Class Inheritance


Constructor of Subclass

Overriding Methods

Use of Subclass

Multi-Agent Algorithm: Update Method

Inheriting Agent Class

Define Update Method

Update Method Example 1

Update Method Example 2

Save Files after Update

Multi-Agent Algorithm: Update with Vectors

Position and Direction of Agent

Transforming Direction 1

Transforming Direction 2

Conditional Transformation 1

Conditional Transformation 2

Random Transformation

Initialization with Multiple Instances

Multi-Agent Algorithm: Interact Method

Define Interact Method

Define Interact Method : Short Version

Interact Method Example 1

Interact Method Example 2

Interact Method Example 3

Interact Method Example 4

Interact Method Example 5

Multi-Agent Algorithm: Inter-Class Interaction

Agents and Attractors

Simple Boundary of Agents

Blocking Agents

Variation of Geometries on Multi Agent Algorithm

Pipes on Agents

Tangent Curves on Agents

Surfaces with Tangent Edges on Agents

Surfaces around Agents: 1

Surfaces around Agents: 2

Surfaces around Agents: 3

Surfaces around Agents: 4

Surfaces around Agents: 5

Multi-Agent on A Surface

Line Agent on A Surface

Box Agent on A Surface

Mapping Agent with U, V Tangent and Normal

Another Example of Mapping Agent on A Surface

Cellular Automaton on A Surface

Making A Custom Agent (Reproduction Base)

Reproduction Based Agent

Transformation Rule in Update Method

Branching Rule in Update Method

Collision Detection Rule in Interact Method

Adding A Property to Agent 1

Adding A Property to Agent 2

Other Agent Classes to Interact 1

Other Agent Classes to Interact 2

Multi-Agent 2D Examples

Multi-Agent 2D Example 1

Multi-Agent 2D Example 2

Multi-Agent 2D Example 3

Multi-Agent 2D Example 4

Multi-Agent 3D Examples

Multi-Agent 3D Example 1

Multi-Agent 3D Example 2

Clock Stack Agent Algorithm

Clock Stack Agent Algorithm for Building

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